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Precision Implant Dentures

Are you tired of visits to the dentist for denture adjustments? Tired of loose teeth and a sore mouth? Are you self-conscious of your denture moving in a public setting?

Dr. David M. Schleider is pleased to offer Precision Implant Dentures, a new proprietary implant technology.

The benefits of Precision Implant Dentures include:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Less surgery
  • Taste your food better
  • Decreased time in the chair
  • Minimal postoperative discomfort
  • Heal faster
  • Usually flapless procedure (no incision)
  • Avoiding additional costly bone grafting
  • Slow bone loss

If you already have dentures, Dr. David M. Schleider may able to modify them to accommodate the Precision Implant Denture.

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  • Denture

  • Abutments

  • Temporary

  • Up to 6 extractions

  • 4 dental implants

  • Denture

  • Abutments

  • Temporary

  • Up to 6 extractions

  • 2-3 dental implants

Flexible Financing

Commonwealth Prosthodontics is pleased to offer flexible financing with payments that fit YOUR budget.

We have one plan that offers up to 84 months of financing, if approved for credit!

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