denture implantsChoosing between dentures or implant dentures can be a difficult decision for you to make. Both options can help those who are missing teeth and they come in several forms to accommodate a variety of patients. It is important to understand the differences when making the decision to invest in teeth replacement therapy. Commonwealth Prosthodontics works to guide patients through the process of deciding between their options, and then the professionals in the on-site lab work to create your tooth replacements as quickly as possible so that you can regain your smile.

Dentures are a completely removable set of teeth that fit over your gums and stay in place using a denture adhesive.. Implant dentures are dentures that are supported by implants in your mouth that they are directly attached to. Implant dentures are semi-permanent, meaning they can be removed but are designed to stay in place using the implants as anchors. There are pros and cons to both dentures and implant dentures and sorting these out is a great way to make your decision.

Denture Pros

  • Dentures are made using a mold of your mouth, so you know that they will fit securely over your gums perfectly.
  • A denture adhesive allows your dentures to stay securely in play when you are eating, speaking, etc.
  • Your dentures can be made from teeth that look similar to your old teeth, making the visual transition a smooth one and less noticeable to others.
  • All of your teeth will look beautifully white and will be completely straight.
  • Dentures can come in full or partial sets depending on your what your needs are. This allows you to get dentures even if all of your teeth aren’t missing.
  • They do a great job of covering up gums that are diseased or otherwise in poor health and allowing you to have teeth when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Denture Cons

  • Dentures can be hard to adjust to and will feel very odd and uncomfortable in your mouth at first.
  • Dentures can increase your risk of having your gums and/or remaining teeth become infected and deteriorating.
  • If you don’t use your adhesive correctly, or you don’t choose the right adhesive, you are at risk of having your dentures fall out.
  • Applying the paste each day to put in your dentures is time consuming.
  • Dentures may cause gum irritation and sores in your mouth.
  • You will need to replace your dentures once they have worn out.

Implant Denture Pros

  • Implant dentures are permanently secured in your mouth, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out.
  • Because implant dentures are attached to your jaw, this helps to keep your jaw bones strong and healthy.
  • Your implant dentures can be either a partial or a full set and can be placed over remaining teeth.
  • It will be easy to speak with your implant denture, especially because you know it won’t come out when you are speaking.
  • An implant denture generally covers up less of your palate than a regular denture does.
  • You can take them in and out quickly because they attach directly onto the implant.

Implant Denture Cons

  • The installation of implant dentures requires minor oral surgery.
  • If your bones aren’t strong enough, they may not be able to hold the implants, and therefore would need bone grafts in order to fix the implants in place.
  • You can’t chew anything that is sticky or hard because this can cause damage to your denture.
  • If you grind your teeth, parts of your dentures are more prone to breaking off.
  • Certain attachments on your implant dentures will need to be replaced every 6-12 months because they are made out of plastic.

Choosing between dentures and implant dentures is an important decision and one that you will need to make with the help of your dentist. However, being well informed beforehand, and knowing the pros and cons of each, can help you to feel more confident with your final decision.
Commonwealth Prosthodontics is a full service dental practice that maintains a team of prosthodontic specialists. If you are interested in learning more about what tooth replacement option may be right for you, contact us at (804) 346-3366 to schedule an appointment with one of our providers. We have the expertise and ability to give you a whole new smile in just one day!