dental implants Richmond VADental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Implants are placed in the jawbone under the gums in order to secure dentures and crowns. This allows them to act more like natural teeth. They are very strong and you should be able to eat anything you like when you have a dental implant or implant dentures.

Though most people will replace front teeth when they are missing, they often balk at the thought of replacing their molars or any of their other back teeth. If no one can see it, then why replace it. Will you really miss a back tooth – are they really that important?

Here are some reasons to replace back teeth.

  • It is more difficult to eat when you are missing teeth. Chewing becomes more difficult and you may have to limit certain foods that you eat.

  • Your other teeth may wear faster because they have to work harder. Your existing with have to take up the slack from the missing teeth, They are going to have more wear and tear from eating because they are fewer teeth to chew with.

  • Having missing teeth causes existing teeth to move. It is true. Open spaces in the chain of teeth will allow and encourage the existing teeth to move around to fill in the open space. This cause a misalignment which will perpetuate other dental issues.

  • When you lose a tooth and choose not to replace it, you may also lose the bone around them. The forces exerted upon your teeth as you chew helps to maintain the bone structure and density. Without any force on the bone, the bone mass will reduce and weaken.

  • Teeth are important to shape your face. Missing teeth distorts the shape of your face.

At Commonwealth Prosthodontics in Richmond, VA we believe your teeth are very important for eating, speech, and good dental health. Even if you are missing a tooth that you can’t see, it is important to replace them. It is ultimately healthier for you. If you are missing a tooth or teeth and would like to improve your smile and overall oral health contact us (804) 346-3366. You may also request an appointment online. We will work with you to make your dental implant/s as efficient and affordable as possible.