Made The Wrong Choice For Your Teeth Replacements? We Can Help

Made The Wrong Choice For Your Teeth Replacements? We Can Help

Mistakes and the possibility of you making the wrong choice can happen during dental procedures for different reasons. Sometimes they are slight and inconsequential, while they can be visibly conspicuous, uncomfortable, and painful in some cases.

Prosthodontics can correct most of the errors seen in dentistry. The correction procedure depends on the condition in question.

Mostly, the doctor applies aesthetic teeth restoration and replacement techniques to restore your smile and appearance. Prosthetic dentistry can also enable you to chew better, improve your speech, and rejuvenate your overall dental health.

Wrong Teeth Replacement Choices

The dental industry can be bewildering to a person unfamiliar with it. Ignorance and misleading advertising often make patients go for substandard dental services. At times, unscrupulous dentists trick gullible patients into unnecessary, expensive treatments. Making the wrong choice is easier than you might think.

Dental professionals spend a considerable amount of time doing revisionary work on people who went under the incorrect treatment earlier. It may be as a result of poor dentistry or the wrong choice of tooth replacement.

An example of tooth replacement gone wrong is a bridge fitted on an unsuitable tooth. It could fall off or even break. Ill-fitting veneers may also fall off or be uncomfortable to the patient. It may be challenging to clean crowns installed poorly, resulting in gum disease.

Root canal (or endodontic) treatment is quite invasive, and complications can occur. For instance, the person performing the procedure may fail to clean or fill the canals appropriately. As a result, the patient may develop an infection and lose a tooth eventually.

Rules for a Successful Teeth Replacement Procedure

Before committing to remove or replace a tooth, the opinion of a registered prosthetic dentist is vital. The specialist will assess your condition and match it with the best treatment. Your doctor must satisfactorily explain why they recommend a given procedure and not another

Dentistry is a vast field, and various practitioners differ in specialty and experience. Only proficient dental specialists have the training, know-how, equipment, and the professional capacity to perform teeth replacement procedures correctly. Do your research and find a dental clinic that specializes in treating your condition.

Prosthodontics: Your Solution to Wrong Teeth Replacement

Prosthetic dentistry involves procedures that replace natural teeth in full or partially using biocompatible substitutes. Examples of such treatments include:

Dental Implants

When there’s a need to replace the entire tooth, dental implants are matchless. An implant consists of a screw-like titanium post entrenched into the jaw to fuse with the bone. It becomes a concrete base for an artificial crown. They are suitable for replacing one or multiple teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers in dentistry are thin layers of ceramic material mounted over the front surfaces of teeth. The practitioner begins by removing a little enamel to prevent overbulking the teeth after fixing the veneers.

The dentist then prepares the surface for the porcelain layer to fuse seamlessly with the teeth. Porcelain veneers can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth. They can also close unwanted gaps between the teeth.


These are dental devices designed to replace missing teeth. Some are removable while others are permanent, and they come in different styles like partial and full dentures.

Their anchorage is usually the surrounding hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Some dentures rely on dental implants for support.

Fixed Bridges

Bridges are artificial teeth used to fill a gap by attaching to healthy teeth (abutment teeth) on either side. The dentist fabricates a series of linked crowns as a single unit and fixes it to the abutment teeth.

Final Thoughts

Incorrect choice of your teeth replacements can be frustrating. You can be sure of quality service by visiting a licensed dentist whenever you have dental issues for examination. If you are grappling with the pain of wrong teeth replacements, we can assess your situation and restore your smile and oral health.

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