Bill Hawk and his wife came to Commonwealth Prosthodontics in Richmond, Virginia, one at a time with the same request: I had hoped that my teeth would stay with me, but they’re giving me trouble. I don’t want to wear loose dentures. I do want to chew and converse normally — and maintain my Baby Boomer looks. Is that possible?

“Yes,” Dr. Schleider and Dr. Keeney of Commonwealth Prosthodontics said. “We can help you with our Precision Implant Dentures.”

Precision Implant Dentures are a revolutionary new technology for implant-retained overdenture patients, perfected by Dr. Schleider. They are prescribed for edentulous patients, who are missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium anchors permanently placed into your upper and/or lower jawbone to better support and secure your dentures.

Precision Implant Dentures from Commonwealth Prosthodontics offer the following benefits:

  • Natural look
  • Clicking into place with pivot technology
  • Precise fit
  • No messy adhesives or pastes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Secure chewing
  • Clear speech
  • Enhanced nutrition and pleasure in eating

As Mr. Hawk observes, “You don’t realize how much your dental health is tied to your general health. If you can’t eat well, then you can’t stay well.” He disliked the prospect of dentures, which he felt had diminished some of his older relatives’ quality of life.

Mr. Hawk’s mother and grandparents wore dentures in response to what Mr. Hawk describes as a family history of “degenerative bone disease.” For all his vigilant preventive and periodontal work over the years, he realized that he was vulnerable to the same bone loss and loose teeth his family had suffered.

Mrs. Hawk was first to get Precision Implant Dentures, however. “She was the family guinea pig,” Mr. Hawk teases her. When Mrs. Hawk had successfully had her implants and liked the looks and feel of them, both husband and wife agreed that their quality of life would definitely be enhanced as they aged by getting Precision Implant Dentures. Mr. Hawk was ready to get his own set.

The Hawks agreed, as Mr. Hawk states, “The good thing about this process…is finding the right people to guide you…I can truly state that Dr. Keeney and Dr. Schleider were the right folks to guide me through this process.”