Commonwealth Prosthodontics Richmond VAMany people have heard of the term “prosthesis” as it refers to an artificial body part, such as a leg or arm. Dental prosthodontics is similar in that it is an area of dentistry that focuses on dental prostheses used in restorative dentistry. Although regular dentists do perform some dental replacement procedures such as crowns, bridges and implants, a prosthodontist receives advanced training in order to handle more complex cases of restorative dentistry. Dental specialists like those at Commonwealth Prosthodontics are highly trained in restorative dental procedures that address the missing jaw and tooth structures often encountered in complex dental cases.

Restorative Dentistry Restores Hope

Restorative dentistry procedures can also restore hope for patients who require significant tooth and jaw reconstruction due to issues stemming from tooth and facial damage incurred from an accident, oral cancer, or some other type other medical issue that adversely affected key dental structures. Dental prosthodontists play an essential role in restorative dentistry, using state-of-the-art tools and techniques to restore and replace essential dental components. Most importantly, restorative dentistry can provide hope to patients who want to experience the confidence that comes from the look and feel of a normal, functioning set of teeth.

Restoring Function

Most people take for granted the very important work performed by various dental structures such as the gums, teeth, and jaw. Often, only when an individual has encountered damage to these key structures, do they appreciate how these dental components allowed them to chew and swallow food, engage in conversation, and smile or laugh. A dental prosthodontist is highly-trained in replacing dental structures through restorative procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants, dentures and other procedures. These important procedures can restore both function and aesthetics so a patient can chew, swallow, speak and smile normally.

Solving Complex Issues

Patients requiring the expertise of a prosthodontist are typically dealing with a complex dental issue, even multiple issues. They may need help restoring dental structures that were removed after a bout with oral cancer, or they may have had some type of traumatic oral injury, perhaps stemming from a vehicular accident. Other patients may have severe decay or some type of advanced infection that destroyed essential dental components. Still others have some type of issue such as TMJ or TMD, causing significant jaw pain, as well as making it very difficult to use their jaw to speak and chew food. In order to completely resolve and restore the patient to full functionality, a prosthodontist may recommend a multitude of procedures performed in a series of appointments and surgeries.


The initial visit with Commonwealth Prosthodontics will include a thorough dental exam, a review of any dental X-rays already taken, as well as a patient interview to discuss the issues they are having, along with their goals pertaining to both function and cosmetic appearance, that they would like to achieve through the course of their treatment. Of course every patient is different and requires a custom course of treatment in order to help restore them to fully functioning and attractive dental structures. The options that prosthodontists have at their disposal include root canal therapy, dentures, dental implants, bridges, crowns, veneers, orthodontics (braces), tooth fillings, dental bonding to improve the appearance of teeth, dental onlays to strengthen damaged teeth, as well as dental scaling and root planing techniques designed to treat gum disease.


Regardless of the underlying issue that is responsible for a patient’s need to see a prosthodontist, there are great advancements in the field of dentistry and its specialty fields, giving patients great hope for a bright smile through restorative dentistry. At Commonwealth Prosthodontics, we can help patients resolve their complex dental issues and restore their confidence. Contact us for an appointment at 804-346-3366.