teeth in one day Richmond VAA missing tooth or worse several missing teeth at one time is not an enjoyable experience. Overcoming pain, if there is any, is the easy part. The self-consciousness makes smiling impossible. After a while, gummed food loses its flavor. Not to mention sharp edges, cut. You avoid eating publicly at all costs. Your quality of life takes a direct hit.

Advances in today’s technology has produced the tools needed to make the “teeth in one day treatment” a reality for those who choose it. Instead of waiting 4 to 6 months for your new teeth after the traditional dental implants have healed, the new process takes just one day. This procedure is available for a single tooth or many teeth, all in just 24 hours.

  • The dentist will gather your specific details including length of teeth, where the bite falls, whether you still have teeth or are wearing dentures and lip and facial structure support.
  • The next step utilizes state of the art 3-D X-rays that provides the proper imagery needed. A 3-D picture of the jawbone and position of your teeth via CT Scan displays specific bone structure information that is necessary.
  • Computer simulation creates a virtual picture of the implants seated in the optimal place in the jaw. The implant acts as the “root” for your new artificial teeth.
  • A successful surgery is the result of a well-planned procedure. Precisely calculated, simultaneous tooth extracting, bone shaping and implant placing occurs.
  • Upon completion, the temporary artificial teeth attach to connectors for a solid hold on the implants. These get replaced by permanent teeth after the osseointegration healing completes.

Immediate recovery with minimal discomfort and complete use allows the patient to get back to what they were doing just 24 hours before. You will need about 3 months to heal. This allows bonding between the implant, jawbone and gum tissue. Once accomplished, more durable permanent teeth replace the temporary teeth attached during surgery. Avoiding chewy and tough foods during the first 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery is strongly suggested.

Smiling as often as possible is also suggested to aid in feeling better during the healing plus, you will want to show off that beautiful smile immediately because you can. Dr. Schleider offers this service at his office here in Richmond. Call with any questions or to schedule an appointment.